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Create an Instagram advertisement with the help of Facebook tools


Instagram is a platform where companies, with the help of a visual presentation of stories, can present themselves and connect with their customers. Instagram advertisements are deemed extremely efficient. This was confirmed by various successful advertising campaigns by eminent companies, which in comparison with Facebook advertising resulted in a significantly increased ad recall.

Instagram is gaining popularity, which is the result of the fact that, since 2015, Instagram has been offering companies a business profile and the possibility to segment their target audience with the help of Facebook marketing tools. This makes it much easier to reach those smaller and harder-to-reach target groups.


The presence of your company on Instagram is becoming more and more important. Instagram’s business profile allows you to present your company using a unique visual story and enables your customers to contact you more easily. In comparison with classic profiles, company data are presented in additional fields, so your company can add information like your contact details, website address, physical location and company sector.

A business profile also provides essential tools that allow your company to track and edit already published advertisements within the application and thus obtain better insights into your customers’ understanding, as well as methods to reach them again. Here you can read more information on how to start your own Instagram business profile.


  • A picture ad. Companies can still present their story in a traditional but highly effective way. By using unique images, you can inspire users to see your brand in a more creative light.
  • A video ad. Add video ads to enable better visibility. The length of videos is up to 60 seconds, either in landscape or portrait format.
  • A ‘carousel’ ad. This is a creative ad that allows you to present a story through multiple images at once, which users can scroll through.
  • An Instagram Stories ad. With the help of ads within other users’ stories, which is when the attention of users is very high, a video or image with an added link to your product can achieve a high ad recall.


Although the content will be displayed on Instagram, the settings, budgets, dates and ad creation are done using Facebook marketing tools. The very creation of an advertisement on Instagram is very similar to creating a Facebook advertisement and differs in only a few settings. This article will explain how to create an Instagram ad by using the Facebook Ads Manager tool.
1. Go to Ads Manager.
2. Choose the main objective and target group for your advertisement.
3. Set the location where you want your advertisement to be shown. You can opt for the automatic setting, which means that your advertisement will be shown to people on whichever platform Facebook believes it will be most successful. Alternatively, you can manually set the specific platforms you want your advertisement to be shown on.

4. Set the budget and the timing for your ad.
5. Select the format. If you want to show your ad on Instagram among posts, you can choose from the following formats: carousel, one image, one video or slideshow. However, if you want to advertise on Instagram Stories, you can only choose between showing one image or one video.

Make sure you also add an Instagram account before you finish the ad since you cannot comment on a post under your business username without one.


Now it is time to select the images and video content that you believe will most impress Instagram users. Write a description of up to 125 characters so your advertisement will display the entire text. Also add a post-appropriate call-to-action button to your advertisement. Using ‘carousel’ ads is a great way to attract the user’s attention. You can read more about how to install these ads and their function here.

To quickly and easily create an Instagram Stories ad, there is an online StoriesAds tool that allows you to create your advertisement in just two minutes with the help of predefined settings. It is very important that the picture you choose also contains a URL link to the product you want to increase traffic to.

For more information on how to create interesting content on Instagram, you can read one of our previous articles.


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