Distribution of advertising material is one of the first forms of advertising and here we are one of the leading companies in Slovenia. We work with Pošta Slovenije (Post of Slovenia) and Izberi d. o. o. (LLC) in distributing enormous amounts, achieving unique conditions, which allows us to offer better pricing options to our customers for the same service.

Unaddressed direct mail

We are talking about mail with advertising content that doesn’t include a name, but still enables targeting options according to various geographically-legal proprieties like:


apartment buildings


weekend houses

sole proprietors

postal numbers

Our diversified operations do not stop at the borders of Slovenia, we offer distribution also in Croatia, Austria and Italy. Another important fact is that together with our partner company, through Post of Slovenia, we take care of distribution of more than 150 million flyers yearly!

Addressed direct mail

The difference with addressed mail is that it includes a name and surname or company name and address, that’s why targeting is even more specific. We have years of experience and proven, as well as reliable, partners to offer you the best conditions regardless of the amount inquired.

Addressed publications

This is published and edited content, which we typically distribute in form of subscriptions, may it be daily, weekly or monthly. Knowledge and experience from this field allow us to understand the importance of arrangements, as well as knowing what really matters to subscribers, that’s why we are reliable and offer competitive prices.


Are you looking for a distribution partner? Contact us and we’ll introduce you to our philosophy and excellent pricing conditions.