Our story

Family advertising agency Vodik

Vodik (Hydrogen) is a basic building block that combines with other natural elements to create the source of life. As such, it inspires us to keep forming connections with clients that produce success stories.

We nurture long-term relationships

Who are we

We entered the world of communications as a family business in 2009. Many things have changed since then, but some things have remained the same. From a small team offering a limited range of services, we have evolved into a full-service agency offering 360° solutions and co-creating the stories of established brands in both Slovenia and Croatia.



Although our team has grown considerably over the years, we remain a family business, with each and every employee an equal member of the Vodik family.

We are proud of the fact that we have more than 100 partnerships with clients from Slovenia, Croatia and EU, with whom we nurture long-term relationships built on trust, understanding and mutual respect.

Attitude of pride

Our values


Every individual is important and contributes their part to the whole. In the end, however, teamwork is the hallmark of success.


We are confident in our knowledge and experience, we stand behind our decisions and we take responsibility.


We are able to look at challenges with fresh eyes and from different angles, leading to unconventional solutions that amaze and delight.

Client orientation

We approach each project with the wishes, expectations and goals of our clients in mind, and consult them at all key moments in the process.


Our work is the result of a responsible approach, a professional attitude and years of experience in the field of communications.

Joy of work

We can turn even the most difficult client problems into interesting creative challenges, and good relationships into a source of trust and progress for the Vodik team.


Our mission

Through expert advice and excellent support, we design innovative marketing solutions focused on brand growth. We build trust and long-term partnerships through results, with mutual cooperation at the heart of it.

Hand in hand

How our collaboration works


Individual discussion

We approach each project individually, professionally and in collaboration with you. By discussing your goals, expectations and wishes, we get to know you, your company and your brand.


Analysis and research

We take a detailed look at the market, the industry, the competition and your situation. Using a variety of analytical methods, we obtain useful information to help us devise an effective strategy for the way forward.



Taking into account your wishes and requirements, we develop a strategy and a communication plan with clearly defined and measurable objectives, a target group, and the communication channels and method that offers the most effective solutions for your problem.



This is followed by practical implementation; the production of materials and content with regard to the specifics of the project.


Measurement and optimisation

Whatever the type of project, we continuously monitor, analyse, optimise and adjust to get the best results.



We always carry out an evaluation of the project at the end, highlighting good practices and suggestions for improvement that are relevant for future work.

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