Live colorful – Canadian Club

  • Client: Mabat
  • Elements: creative design of Horeca promotions »CCarksa zabava«, posters, promotional material, gift package
  • Description:

Crowded workdays, routine sailing through the everyday and bleak atmosphere in the air or playful living in every moment, enjoying life and colorful atmosphere? Undoubtedly it’s time to start living colorful!

Vodik made, accordingly to the described lifestyle, an exotically colored packaging, which, along with a Canadian maple leaf, reminds us that we need to spice and color our moments, live from second to second and eat up life with a big spoon.

The whole campaign »Live colorful« needed a thorough activation – creative design for »CCarska zabava« (»King’s party«) promotions with a unique game and decorating clubs where promotions took place, attractive hostesses, promotional bracelets, slippers and shirts »CCar«, CCarica« (»King«, »Queen«).

In the end of 2015 we upgraded the story to feature a gift package for »It’s time for colorful«, which along with the bottle also included a modern watch, that always reminds you that it’s time for colorful.