Shopping Center Rudnik

  • Client: Vodik
  • Elements: Showcase magazine, webpage, Facebook page Shopping center Rudnik
  • Description:

Shopping center Rudnik has a big potential, since buyers can choose from various vendors of home improvement equipment, household appliances, health and beauty articles, fashion, sports and food. Due to its easy access, organized logistic design and diversified offer, Shopping center Rudnik is one of the most prestigious shopping destinations in Slovenia.

Vodik recognized the potential of this destination. In a whish to raise visibility of all the vendors at this destination, in a pursuit to breathe more life into the area and improve the shopping experience, we started joining areas, communication wise. So our agency published a new magazine, Showcase of Shopping center Rudnik, created a new online portal and Facebook page Shopping center Rudnik. Through these, news will spread regarding modern trends, great promotions, competitions and events for the whole family.

New magazine Showcase, with 140.000 issues 4 times per year, brings Shopping center Rudnik into your homes – interesting fashion trends, sports advice, beauty and healthcare tips, culinary tricks and an exclusive offer for home improvement.