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This privacy policy apply to anyone who, in accordance with the use of the website, is considered a user of the entire site, including its subpages.

User is any business or individual who uses or visits the website (hereinafter: the user).

By using the site, the user confirms that he or she agrees to this Privacy Policy.

Protection of personal data

Agency Vodik d.o.o. will respect your privacy and will use your personal information solely for the purposes stated. We will carefully protect your personal data in accordance with the legislation governing the protection of personal data (EU Regulation 2016/679, the applicable law on personal data protection, Privacy Policy and internal acts of Vodik d.o.o.)

1. Personal data controller

The controller of personal data processed in accordance with these rules is Vodik d.o.o, address: Cesta v Gorice 34b, 1000 Ljubljana, e-mail: [email protected], phone number: 059 156 956, represented by director Nino Horvat.

2. Transmission of personal data to third parties

Vodik d.o.o. undertakes to collect personally identifiable information used in accordance with this Privacy Policy in order not to sell or otherwise pass on your personal information to third parties, except in the cases prescribed by law and in the case of e-news. uses the MailerLite online platform for sending newsletters, which stores personal information for sending news, namely the following personal information: first name, last name, e-mail. The MailerLite online platform, in its General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, ensures compliance with the rules of the GDPR General Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) and certifies that their services are hosted by a certified data center located in Lithuania (European Union). The data center has a security certificate for storing information (ISO 27001).

3. Types of personal data and the purposes for which they are being processed

You can always voluntarily decide when and how you want to contact Vodik, d.o.o. (in person, by phone, email, digital social networks, or online forms).

Within these purposes, the following information is collected and processed: first and last name or title, address, email address, telephone number. Additional data may be collected and processed within individual purposes, which is indicated below for each individual purpose.

Vodik d.o.o. does not perform profiling of individuals or solely automated decision making that would have legal effects on you or otherwise significantly affect you.

We process your personal information for the following purposes:

3.1. Information on the service offer and current content related to the services (Subscription to newsletter):

On our website you can subscribe to receive notifications and information about our services and current content, which will be published on the website To this end, Vodik d.o.o. can keep up to date with news from its range of services, any campaigns or sweepstakes directly related to the Vodik d.o.o. We will also send you content in the field of advertising and invitations to events. We will update you twice a month.

Information about the service offer and current content can be provided through the following communication channels: email, Facebook and other social networks.

This information is processed based on your consent, and you may withdraw your consent to receive advertisements at any time. For more information on your direct communication rights, see “Your rights”.

3.2. Collection of inquiries and the submission of tenders

On our website you can fill out an online form to submit your request for services. You can also send us your inquiry by email. To this end, Vodik d.o.o. collects additional information about the content of your inquiry, which you gave us voluntarily.

All information collected through this site or otherwise communicated to Vodik d.o.o. is collected for the purpose of conducting the primary activity of Vodik d.o.o. ie. sale of advertising services to answer your inquiry, to prepare an offer, to prepare and conclude a contract, and to perform a contract. Because the processing of this information is essential for the performance of the service itself, the processing of this information may already be made on the basis that you enter into a contractual relationship with us. If you do not wish to provide this information, we cannot send you an offer or contract with you.

3.3. Collecting questions

On our website you can fill out an online form to submit your questions or contact us. You can also submit questions by email ( [email protected]]) or by phone (059 156 956). Within this purpose, Vodik d.o.o. if necessary, collects and processes additional information about the detailed content of your questions, which you submit on a voluntary basis with explicit consent. Explicit consent to process this information and for these purposes is given when submitting the question. In the event that you choose to use e-mail or direct telephone conversation to forward your question, you expressly consent to our use of this communication channel to communicate with us to collect and process your information.

3.4. Performance, efficiency and security of information systems and websites

Each time you visit Vodik d.o.o. web server’s log file is automatically stored on the web server (IP number – a number that identifies an individual computer or other device on the web; browser version, subpage visited, visit time and duration, etc.). For these purposes, our websites use cookies, the nature of which is presented in detail in the Cookie Policy on the website. We process this information to maintain visitor statistics on our site to ensure the security of information systems.

We use Google Analytics tool to monitor the use of We use web analytics for our own purposes and it is key to planning website improvements. We have disabled any sharing of information with Google, other Google services, and third parties in our service settings. For greater privacy, IP anonymization is also included.

Thus collected data are being processed on the basis of the legitimate interest of the controller, without processing it individually and linking it to other data.

4. Social networks, web services and related plugins

Vodik d.o.o. uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google Maps plugins on to enable you to use the features of these social networks or content providers (such as liking; posting messages; linking, sharing and publicly posting content; viewing videos; viewing maps and determining the location of Vodik d.o.o.

If these plugins are used, a direct connection to the servers of these social networks or service providers is established, and part of the data on the use of these services through a site operated by Vodik d.o.o is shared with the providers of these services and, depending on your settings, may be processed for their further use, including for advertising and direct marketing purposes. Depending on your preferences for using these individual social networks, a portion of your personal information (such as your email address, your social network identity, IP address, your location, your friends list, etc.) is also forwarded to each social network.

More detailed information on the purposes and extent of the processing of personal data by the providers of these sites can be obtained directly from the providers of these services, the operators of these social networks, or directly within these social networks.

Vodik d.o.o. does not assume any responsibility for the protection of your personal information through the aforementioned social networks, online services and all related websites.

5. Data users

All information collected on the legal basis listed above will be used in accordance with the purpose for which it was collected and will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent.

Within the scope of their responsibilities and tasks, your personal information will be disclosed to the following data users:

  • employees of Vodik d.o.o.;
  • the postal service provider, the email service provider (referred to in point 2. in the second paragraph), the shipping service providers, the providers of destruction services and media;
  • information technology service providers within the management and maintenance of software and hardware;
  • administrator of the website, Facebook or other social networks;
  • national authorities overseeing our operations according to their area of ​​law responsibilities.

Vodik d.o.o. pays particular attention to the selection and control of contractual partners acting as processors of personal data in cases where access to personal data is required for the performance of their service. Contractors are obliged to follow our instructions, and their suitability for performing the treatments is subject to our periodic review. The contractors may process your personal data for other purposes, and after the fulfillment of the purpose of the processing or at the end of the contractual relationship, all data is deleted.

Vodik d.o.o. agrees not to share or transfer your personal information collected for its purposes to a third country or international organization.

6. Retention period

Vodik d.o.o. ensures that it retains your information only for as long as and to the extent necessary to fulfill the purpose for which the individual information was collected and used or until the statutory storage period expires. The retention period for personal data differs based on the criteria of each category of personal data and the purposes for which it is processed.

Your contact information for the purpose of informing you about the service offer (subscription to newsletter) is stored and processed until cancellation. Your consent data shall be retained until the end of the calendar year after 5 years have passed after withdrawal of consent.

Personal data collected on the basis of regulations shall be kept in accordance with the legislation governing their collection. After the statutory storage period has expired, the data is deleted.

7. The way we protect your information

Vodik d.o.o. is committed to protecting the personal information you provide to us and will do its utmost to protect personal information from any misconduct and abuse.

We keep your personal information in computerized form. Our computer systems are protected by technical and organizational measures that prevent the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration and unauthorized disclosure or access to your personal information.

8. Rights of each individual

Vodik d.o.o. guarantees the option to exercise of all your rights that you hold in connection with the processing of your personal data.

If you are under the age of 15, you cannot provide valid consent to the processing of your personal information. In this case, a parent or guardian must consent to the processing of your personal data.

In accordance with the regulations governing the field of personal data protection, an individual has the right to revoke his or her consent at any time, request access, correction, restriction or deletion of personal data by informing us in writing by regular mail at Vodik d.o.o, Cesta v Gorice 34b, 1000 Ljubljana or by e-mail [ [email protected]]. An individual may also file an objection regarding the processing of his or her personal data.

Unsubscribe form receiving e-news:

If you no longer wish to receive e-mail newsletters, you can unsubscribe using the automatic unsubscribe link in each e-newsletter, or send us an e-mail containing the word “UNSUBSCRIBE” to [ [email protected]].

An individual may also file an objection regarding the processing of his personal data directly to the competent supervisory authority, i.e. to the Information Commissioner of Slovenia.

9. Conduct in case of infringement

In case of personal data breach, Vodik d.o.o. will immediately take all appropriate measures to protect the rights and interests of the individual, in accordance with current law and GDPR.

10. Contact information

Questions about the confidentiality of your information, how we collect and process your information, or your requests to exercise rights regarding your information will be answered by a responsible person at Vodik d.o.o:

Phone number: 059 156 956

Email address: [email protected].


We will update Vodik d.o.o.’s privacy policy as necessary, and we will inform you about it accordingly.

The privacy policy of Vodik d.o.o is published on the website and is effective since 2nd of September 2019.