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Atlas Trading d.o.o. is a family-owned company with more than 30 years of experience in the distribution of heating and cooling equipment. Over the last decade, the company has become one of the most competent partners in the field of heat pumps and air conditioning technology in Slovenia.

Today the company offers advanced solutions for heating, cooling and heat recovery that provide customers with maximum comfort, reliability and energy savings.


To develop an umbrella communication strategy for the Atlas brand and, based on the guidelines, to design and implement seasonal marketing communication activities for the air conditioning (Gree brand) and geothermal pump (Thermia) segments.

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Communication strategy

The Atlas brand did not have a clearly defined creative strategy in place, so before developing the communication activities, we had to design a comprehensive umbrella communication strategy that fully defines the brand, the target groups, the tone of the communication, the communication guidelines, the mix of channels, and the short- and medium-term communication objectives.

Straight to the goal
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“Carefree for 100 Seasons” campaign

The main challenge was to highlight the long-term flawless operation of the Thermia geothermal pumps (more than 25 years). At the same time, we also had to highlight the typical representatives of the target group. The idea behind the creative design was to put the titular slogan “Carefree for 100 Seasons” and three representatives of the target group (hotel owner, company director, owner of a family house) at the heart of the campaign.

To deliver the campaign’s messages, we put together an effective mix of communication channels that enabled an impressive reach at a relatively low cost.

Campaign elements: print advertisements, jumbo billboards, radio advertisements, web banners, social networks, PR…

the sky is no limit
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“Gree. The Global Language for Quality” campaign

Our task was to present the Gree brand as the best-selling air conditioner brand in the category. Gree is a relatively unknown manufacturer in Slovenia, but number 1 in the world.

This led to a creative solution that put the unusual claim “Gree. The Global Language for Quality” at the centre of the communication. This claim was also translated into a TV ad story and radio advertisements.

Campaign elements: TV advertisement, print advertisements, jumbo billboards, radio advertisements, web banners, social networks, PR…

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Umbrella campaign of the Atlas brand

The aim of the umbrella campaign was to consolidate Atlas’ position as a reliable partner and expert offering optimal and long-term heating and cooling solutions. The central theme of the campaign is the statements made by customers who chose Atlas services years ago: “I made the right choice X years ago”.

Communication took place using the following channels: print advertisements, jumbo billboards, radio advertisements, web banners, social networks, PR.

The campaign was followed by the launch of the redesigned website, which was designed and developed entirely by our agency.

Reaching and exceeding
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