Always curious – 350 years of Merck


CLIENT: Merck Slovenia and Croatia


ELEMENTS: creative design, organisation and execution of the event, graphic design


For the occasion of Merck’s 350th anniversary—and with great respect for the company, which is still family owned—we organised a festive celebration for their employees and business partners at Fužine Castle in Slovenia and at the Mimara Museum in Croatia.  

Curiosity – the force of progress and development

For the creative design, we took inspiration from Merck’s model of four dimensions of curiosity, which was developed in cooperation with Professor Todd Kashdan. According to their research, curiosity consists of the desire to explore, openness to other ideas, resistance to stress and creativity in problem solving.

At the event, curiosity was aroused in the attendees by a mysterious wall. They were encouraged to peep through a slot and check out what was hidden inside, ring the bell and wait to see what happened. At the end, they reached into the mysterious slot and received a surprise.

Dimensions of curiosity

The presenter led the assembled guests through four dimensions of curiosity, as curiosity has always been and shall remain a key driving force of Merck’s progress and development.

The first dimension is creativity, which is certainly characteristic of the founder Friedrich Jacob Merck, who visited the guests (played by actor Matjaž Marinč) and took them on a journey through the company’s rich history, which dates back to 1668.

The second dimension of curiosity, resistance to stress, was portrayed by a dancer’s performance. A guest singer presented the third dimension of curiosity, which is openness, while the fourth dimension of curiosity, the desire to explore, was introduced to the guests through a culinary experience where they tasted and explored unusual food combinations prepared by a catering company. After some pleasant socialising with other employees and business partners, the event ended with a ceremonial cutting of the cake.


Celebrating 350 years of Merck’s operations through a celebration of curiosity.


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