My piece of sweetness


CLIENT: Podravka

BRAND NAME: Gorenjka

ELEMENTS: creative design, graphic design, corporate identity, slogan, online and print advertisements, POS material, City Lights


Chocolate offers pleasure. It offers moments of relaxation and enjoyment that we can experience on our own or share with others. For Gorenjka’s dark chocolate line called Mistica Wellness, we prepared a new, integrated communication platform.

New line of Mistica chocolates

Gorenjka—a Slovenian chocolate maker and one of the most recognisable, long-standing chocolate brands—has provided dark chocolate lovers with a new line of treats named Mistica Wellness. This new line was inspired by the increasing popularity of chocolates with a higher percentage of cocoa.

Precious Mistica Wellness dark chocolates contain 70% cocoa and are enriched with innovative ingredients. The three new flavours combine the rich aroma of the highest quality cocoa with premium ingredients like Goji & Macca, Hemp Seed & Orange, and Ginger & Matcha.

Media communication for the new flavours of Mistica Wellness included a comprehensive communication platform with the slogan “My piece of sweetness”, online and print advertisements, POS material and citylights. The communication is intended for anyone who enjoys a moment to themselves and a piece of sweetness without a guilty conscience.

A piece of sweetness

Our agency also prepared a refreshed graphic design for Gorenjka’s individual chocolate lines: milk, dark and cooking chocolate. Each line is represented by its own slogan, a coloured banner with the logo and a pattern reminiscent of a chocolate bar that is missing a piece—a piece of sweetness.

For the communication of the milk chocolate line, which includes the most famous Gorenjka chocolate with whole hazelnuts, we have created the slogan “Share a piece of sweetness”, while the dark chocolates are communicated with the slogan “My piece of sweetness”, and the cooking chocolate with the slogan “Add a piece of sweetness”.

The aim was to connect all three chocolate lines under the name Gorenjka, which we successfully achieved with the help of the proposed slogans. At the same time, we did not abandon the original “Full of sweetness” slogan.