Refreshing tastes of summer

1001 CVET

CLIENT: Podravka


ELEMENTS: creative design, graphic design, text writing, online and print advertisements, stands


Summer, heat, nature, cooling in the shade with a refreshing cold drink… that is where we found a sip of inspiration for Podravka’s COOL T teas.

The client wished to refresh the appearance of the packaging of the 1001 CVET COOL T teas. They wanted to change the background colour and visually emphasise the taste more. Although these are cold brew teas, we nevertheless wanted to ensure the packaging itself did not appear too cold. For the background colour, we decided on a more intense shade of blue. The composition of herbs and fruits was redesigned to further enhance the taste of the individual tea. In designing, we also tried to fit the teas within the refreshed line. In addition to refreshing the image of two flavours, we also designed the packaging for a new flavour: Green Tea & Verbena.

Refresh your summer with a glass of nature

In line with the packaging, we designed online and print advertisements with the fresh slogan “Refresh your summer with a glass of nature”, which communicates that on hot summer days, you can cool down with COOL T teas, all of which exclusively contain natural ingredients and no added sugar. We also prepared the promotional materials, which included glasses, T-shirts and sales stands.


We freshened up the image of the refreshing COOL T cold brew teas. With this more intense blue colour dominating the packaging, the brand is much more noticeable in stores.


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