Supernova Lifestyle


CLIENT: Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik

ELEMENTS: creative design, text writing, graphic design

YEAR OF IMPLEMENTATION: each year, 4 x per year

Since the very beginning of Supernova in Ljubljana, we have been creating Lifestyle magazine. Lifestyle is published four times a year and is distributed to households in Ljubljana and the surrounding areas.

The indispensable and popular fashion stories from Supernova

The magazine is regularly updated in line with current fashion trends and the demands of its readers, who always enjoy the diverse and attractive content of the current Supernova offering. The indispensable and popular Modna zgodba (Fashion Story) section showcases the latest fashion trends and accessories by Supernova’s providers. For many years, famous faces from the Slovenian media landscape have appeared on the magazine’s covers, many of whom remain loyal customers of Supernova to this day.


Lifestyle magazine is a project we developed together with Vodik agency and we are extremely proud of it. We regularly update the magazine and follow fashion trends, as we want to offer Supernova visitors only the best.

Saša Lenič, Center manager, Supernova 



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