We create reality


CLIENT: Javni holding Ljubljana in javna podjetja Energetika Ljubljana, Ljubljanski potniški promet, JP Vodovod-Kanalizacija Snaga, Žale ter Ljubljanska parkirišča in tržnice

ELEMENTS: video about virtual reality, PR, creative design, text writing


The starting point for this creative design was certainly the questions: How can one most easily convince someone that not all things can be taken for granted? How can you convince someone to feel bad if our streets are full of garbage? How can you convince someone that Ljubljana would not be as beautiful if public companies did not take care of it? Our answer was to offer that experience. The answer also led us to create a 360° virtual experience, which was prepared for Javni Holding Ljubljana and related public companies.

Javni Holding Ljubljana and the public companies Energetika Ljubljana, Ljubljanski potniški promet, JP Vodovod-Kanalizacija Snaga, Žale and Javno podjetje ljubljanska parkirišča in tržnice wanted to present to young people the idea of being responsible for creating reality in an interesting way, thus encouraging them to help create and preserve a high-quality living environment. We came up with the idea of approaching these young people with this message in a new, innovative way by using a technological novelty: a 360° virtual reality video called Ustvarjamo resničnost (We create reality).

Try the unreal, experience the real

The video provides viewers with an unseen and unlived experience. Through the VR goggles, participants are taken on a journey through the streets of Ljubljana, where they see and experience the high-quality environment this place could be if it was taken care of by public companies and everyone who lives, works or visits here. However, they also see how it would look if nobody took care of the environment. By watching the video, the viewer first experiences the uncomfortable unreality and then the beautiful reality.

The 360° VR video Ustvarjamo resničnost (We create reality) is undoubtedly the main attraction for young people at any event by Javni Holding Ljubljana or related public companies. The video is intended to raise environmental awareness among young people, as they tend to be strongly impacted by the virtual experience.


At Javni holding Ljubljana and related public companies, we pay great attention to raising awareness. With Vodik agency, we have found a way to bring awareness of the importance of environmental actions closer to young people. This educational experiential project was implemented through using innovative technology. We recorded a 360° VR video, which is very well accepted at all events. The viewers are excited to see the message in an innovative way.

Justina Simčič, Public relations, Javni holding Ljubljana