“Stars of Vodik” and sales promotion

“Stars of Vodik” represent the next step in evolution of hostess work, they are everything what your brand needs to get an attractive face in the eyes of your customers.


By calling “Stars of Vodik” merely hostesses, we do them a great injustice. They are far more, they are food promoters, promoters, hostesses, models – ambassadors of your company’s brand.

Characteristics of “Stars of Vodik”:

properly informed about important facts

experienced in customer relations
100% professional approach

dressed accordingly to the story and creative design

PROMOTERS – presenting new articles to customers and work toward promoting sales numbers.

FOOD PROMOTERS – specialized promoters that take care of food/drink preparation and promote sales.

MODELS AND PHOTO-MODELS – experienced girls, with work done in the fashion industry and clothes promotion. Their skills include walking on the catwalk as well as posing in front of the camera.

HOSTESSES – representatives of your company on special occasions (events for partners or PR, fairs…). They interact with guests and make sure everything goes as planned.

At Vodik, we’re aware of the fact, that in many cases hostesses are the first interaction between company and consumer, they represent the face of your brand in the eyes of your customers. We take care of the whole procedure regarding the work of our “stars” . It all starts with carefully choosing the working staff, continues with briefing (making sure they get all the working information as well as information regarding the brand) and professional execution, all the way to harmonizing the looks with creative design.

Years of experience have brought us to a point , where we have the right combination of knowledge and creativity to constantly find innovative ways of promoting sales. We don’t get caught up in the routine of boring, already seen promotions, but constantly strive toward finding new approaches in combination with tested solutions.

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Among other things, we take care of:

sales racks

promotional counters
table cards

wobblers and danglers