Relationship and Responsibility


Bringing Your Brand to Life

Hostesses are the face of your brand in the eyes of your customers. Our hostesses represent the next level of hostess services. They are the perfect choice for all moments when you want to establish a good connection with your target audience or build long-term relationships.

Feedback and Experiences

Successful projects grow on solid foundations.


We are fully dedicated to every project we undertake, as promoting products or services of a brand is not a walk in the park. There is no room for half-measures and improvisation with us.


Just like in other aspects of business, when it comes to executing promotions, we exclusively collaborate with hostesses who are proven and reliable in every situation.


We have already successfully executed more than 500 events, promotions, and activations. With our extensive knowledge in hostess management and invaluable experience, we ensure fast, efficient, and top-notch organization for every occasion.


Due to the nature of hostess work, we ensure that our performers are always articulate individuals with well-honed communication skills, ready to provide an answer to any question.


The key to success lies in knowledge and experience

Because we are aware of the responsibility that comes with being the face of a company or brand, we always ensure that our hostesses are familiar with all the important aspects of your business and have access to everything they need to best convey your creative story. All our hostesses are carefully selected based on the nature of the project, experienced in customer relations, and always one hundred percent professional.


Hostesses as a key part of your event

Vodik’s hostesses are a key part of your event, as they are the first point of contact with guests or clients and represent the face of your brand. Our team consists of professional, experienced, and well-informed girls who will ensure that your event is executed flawlessly and that your brand leaves a positive impression on the attendees.


The qualities that Vodik's hostesses possess

Our team of hostesses boasts reliability, communicativeness, resourcefulness, and professionalism. We always make sure our hostesses are well-informed about your company and experienced in customer relations. With us, you can get hostesses who meet your requirements and ensure a flawless execution of your event.


The process of working with Vodik's hostesses

The process of working with Vodik’s hostesses starts with careful selection of the appropriate staff, continues with briefing and instructions, and concludes with professional execution. Our team will ensure that your event runs smoothly and that participants are satisfied with the services we provide. You can rely on us to provide hostesses for various types of events, such as fairs, events, congresses, and promotional activities.


Our services and expertise

We take pride in more than 500 successfully executed events, promotions, activations, and gatherings. Our team of event organizers and hostesses stands by our clients throughout the entire process - from conceptualization and planning to execution.
  • Conceptual design of events
  • Conceptual design of experiential activations
  • Event organization
  • Activation organization
  • Execution with a promotional team
  • Execution with a hostess team

How do we approach promotional activities?


Conversation with the client


Determining working hours and location for hostesses


Selecting attire


Confirmation of financial offer


Hostess selection


Logistics coordination


Detailed briefing / training for hostesses




Support and communication during the event


Report on completed promotion


Designing modern solutions for tomorrow’s challenges

Manner: Sweet experiences

We have been providing Manner with comprehensive support in the organisation of promotional events, the creative design of promotions and support activities for a long time.

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Designing modern solutions for tomorrow’s challenges

Manner Planica_event management_Vodik

Manner: Sweet experiences

We have been providing Manner with comprehensive support in the organisation of promotional events, the creative design of promotions and support activities for a long time.

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Advertising agency Vodik - FAQ

Why Vodik Advertising Agency?

At first glance, we are a medium-sized, family-owned agency, however, we can instantly become a big one if a project demands it. Our numerous expert and experienced internal and external associates make up a winning team regardless of the complexity and size of a project. We have a more genuine connection with our clients and with each and every one of them we always bet on long-term partnership, giving priority to consulting to achieve results.

We do not perceive clients as just a number or as here today – gone tomorrow, but as partners who grow with us in time and space. We will make you a fully fledged member of our team, and we are proud of this.

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