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Website development

Creating an authentic digital experience for your brand

In recent years, most of our business has moved online, where the key to success lies in taking care of the user experience, optimising our online presence and developing effective online ecosystems. We’re with you every step of the way.


Successful projects are built on solid foundations


We do nothing without planning. Before starting a project, we define its purpose and the problem to be solved to make it as successful as possible.


We always strive for the pursuit of meaningful, realistic and measurable objectives, which we define in advance in consultation with the client.


Before, during and after the project, we ensure that it matches the brand’s values, character and essence and that it resonates with the target group.


Everything we propose and do is measurable. This avoids ambiguities and misconceptions, which serves as an excellent basis for continuous optimisation.

Websites and E-Commerce design

Websites that radiate your brands

In today’s digital age, the website is the central communication channel and the main touchpoint with customers for many brands. That’s why it’s so important that it’s not only technically sophisticated, but also reflects the brand in the best possible light. We take a holistic approach to website development, as this is the only way to ensure the richest, most authentic and memorable user experience.

Websites and E-Commerce design

User-friendly, conversion-oriented E-Commerce

When it comes to online shops, it’s not all about looks. At every step of their development, our efforts are therefore focused on increasing efficiency, which translates into maximising the number of purchases made. Even after the deployment is complete, we repeatedly test and analyse the shop’s user experience and make adjustments based on the findings until we achieve the optimum shopping experience.

User experience UX design

Experience, content and form go hand in hand

Effective websites require excellence in every aspect – technical, creative and user experience. That’s why we strive to interweave all the important aspects in development, so that they optimally complement each other to ensure a seamless and unique experience for every visitor. Nothing is left to chance because every detail is important in order to achieve great results.

Digital advertising_Vodik agency

Digital advertising with an impact

Too often, a lot of work goes into preparing the communication for a product or service, but it ends up only reaching a fraction of the target audience. To avoid this, we need to know who we are addressing and to be familiar with the characteristics of the digital communication channels we are using. That’s why we make sure that every project makes the most of their potential and reaches as many relevant users as possible with our messages.

Our services and knowledge

We are a diverse team of communication and digital experts with broad experience, who follow trends closely and continuously upgrade our knowledge.
  • Research and analysis
  • Strategy and conceptualisation
  • User scenarios and pathways
  • Website UX design
  • Website content design
  • Website UI design
  • Development of websites and E-Commerce
  • Optimisation (SEO)
  • Website maintenance

Our website development process


Kick-off meeting with the client


Analysis of the current situation and competition


Strategy and content concept


UX design


Design concept


Content design


Website development


Testing and optimisation




Designing modern solutions for tomorrow’s challenges

Blaginja: Medical devices in one place

We conceptualized and developed a modern and user-friendly online store for the client, enabling the direct rental or purchase of medical equipment through an integrated application.

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Designing modern solutions for tomorrow’s challenges

Prenova spletne strani_Blaginja

Blaginja: Medical devices in one place

We conceptualized and developed a modern and user-friendly online store for the client, enabling the direct rental or purchase of medical equipment through an integrated application.

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Website redesign

MobilPlac: The venue makes the event

We have designed and developed a modern, functional, and user-friendly website that stands out from the competition, along with creating a logo and signature slogan that reflects the company's field of operation and values.

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E-commerce design

HARTMANN: Going further for health

We established an advanced digital sales channel, gaining a competitive edge and significantly boosting the Hartmann brand recognition in the Slovenian and Croatian markets.

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Complete redesign of the brand

Letak Media: Complete redesign of the brand

We revamped the overall brand identity and developed a modern website for comprehensive, complex services. Additionally, we performed comprehensive SEO optimization.

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Website design

Marušič: The Future Written in Wood

We created a website for the client, presenting the company and its activities. We also designed their corporate identity manual, tagline and a brochure.

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Supporting our clients’ vision

The interactive display of areas enables clearer and faster navigation through the online shop, while at the same time offering value-added content on how our customers can improve the quality of their health. We are happy that the team at the Vodik agency has used all its expertise and creativity to create an online shop that combines all the values ​​of the HARTMANN company.

Sandra Miladinovič
Marketing, Paul Hartmann Adriatic d.o.o.

The Vodik agency took into account our every wish, and the final implementation of the website and overall image exceeded our expectations. Every day we get compliments from customers for our beautiful, clear website.

Luka Brodnik
CEO, MobilPlac, KBG d.o.o.

The Vodik team is full of talented and capable individuals who assist us in establishing and maintaining our online digital presence. They have also created an exceptional website for us. They are adaptable, open, and always meet our expectations, which is why we happily collaborate with them.

Gašper Novak
CEO, Blaginja d.o.o.
Frequently asked questions

Websites and E-Commerce - FAQ

In what time frame do you create a website?

The development of a website takes place in phases and according to a carefully designed plan. No phase should be skipped as fundamental errors may occur, which are difficult to remedy later. This would significantly prolong the implementation time, while it could have been avoided. The implementation deadline is set depending on project complexity, functionality of the site and how challenging the visual design will be. The greater the level of complexity, the longer the implementation deadline. There is no doubt that thoughtful phased progression through the process steps contributes to a shorter production time and ultimately enables comprehensive control over the project.

2. Which system do you use for building websites and online stores?
Do you use predefined templates in UX and visual design of websites?
What is the price of creating a website or an online store?

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