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Marušič: The Future Written in Wood

Marušič d.o.o., predelava lesa




website design and development, presentation brochure design, positioning slogan and corporate identity manual


Website Graphic design

Marušič d.o.o. is a family enterprise with more than a century of wood tradition and the largest processor of beech logs in the region. Their activities include the debarking and cutting of logs and the drying and cutting of planks to length. The company processes wood from Slovenian forests through controlled felling and maximises the use of the raw material as a natural resource.


To define the basic graphic elements using the manual, design a positioning slogan, and based on that design and develop a modern and user-friendly website presenting the company and its activities, and design a presentation brochure for the company.

Written in Wood

Corporate identity manual

The client wanted to define their corporate identity, which had not been structured and the individual elements of the identity had not been placed on typical materials. We therefore designed a detailed corporate identity manual, setting out the structure and highlighting how to implement the elements on individual materials.

Written in Wood
Know-how and experience


The website is intended for presentation to business partners (B2B) and we adapted its concept accordingly after market and industry research and analysis. In addition to a comprehensive presentation of the company, its work process and services, we also included the possibility to order lumber directly from the website. The design of the website conveys the corporate identity and philosophy of a company committed to nature and natural resources.

Know-how and experience
Website Graphic design

Presentation brochure

The brochure’s design is based on the images and colours of wooded nature and wood patterns, as one of the company’s core values is connection with nature and the essence of their business is connection to the forest.

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