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Letak Media: Complete redesign of the brand

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Letak Media is a privately owned company in Croatia, launched in 2013. It specialises in the distribution of unaddressed promotional publications, catalogues and leaflets to letterboxes or specific areas. It currently distributes in most major cities in Croatia, also covering suburbs, smaller towns and villages.


The creation of a new corporate identity and corporate identity manual, the development and deployment of a new website and the SEO optimisation of the website based on keyword analysis.

Corporate identity design

Structured play

We designed a new corporate identity and produced a corporate identity manual for the client.

Their logo consists of lettering and a symbol representing the sending of unaddressed promotional leaflets in the stylised image of a paper aeroplane, encapsulating mobility as a core value of the company. The orientation of the symbol in the positive diagonal (right and upwards) represents the dispatch from the distribution centre to distant addresses, but it also stands for the company’s orientation towards the future.

We selected a typography in italics that communicates the swiftness of the dispatch. The letters are geometric and sans-serif so that they are easy to read from near and far, both online and in print, and they nicely reflect the company’s values such as professionalism and control. The colour palette was chosen taking into account the client’s wishes. The basic colours include light and dark blue, with yellow used for text highlights.

Corporate identity design_Vodik

Website design and development

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The website is a key first point of contact for a company with potential new customers and is an important part of service development. At the same time, the company uses it to address key target audiences.

Before the actual development and creation of the web portal, we carried out an analysis in order to make a clear and minimalist structure that is designed according to SEO optimisation guidelines and allows for fast navigation.

The website is clearly structured and follows the company’s corporate identity. It is in Croatian and adapted for both mobile and PC users. It allows easy navigation through the client’s services and other subpages.

Website design and development_Vodik
Website design and development
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