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Blaginja is a comprehensive provider of hospital and nursing equipment, medical devices and equipment for rehabilitation, movement, care, personal hygiene and therapy for use at home or in community health centres, hospitals, nursing homes and elsewhere. Blaginja has been granted a concession for the dispensing and lending of medical devices by the ZZZS and offers the dispensing and lending of medical devices through ZZZS order forms or on an out-of-pocket basis.


Design and develop a modern, efficient, and user-friendly online shop that enables the rental or purchase of medical devices. The primary goal of the online shop redesign is to increase sales.


Prenova spletne strani
Weaving a web story

Online shop

Based on research and analysis of the market and the industry, we designed the concept of the online shop and took into account the specifics of the users (older population). Given the complexity of lending or dispensing medical devices online, we paid particular attention to simplifying the ordering process and developed a unique tool that makes this possible in just a few steps. We managed to design a user-friendly online shop that is intuitive and easy to navigate on mobile devices as well as PCs. The online shop supports easy navigation between the shop-related content and the educational part of the website. The design followed a refined and minimalist concept and the company’s corporate identity.

Weaving a web story
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Additional functionalities and content

We have developed an online interface for renting and issuing medical devices through the internet, enabling a fast and straightforward selection and ordering process for medical equipment. This has relieved customer support and encouraged users to not only make online purchases but also initiate the online ordering process for prescriptions.

To establish the brand identity of Blaginja as an expert in its field, we have also created educational content about medical devices, health care, and improving the quality of life. The advanced website also offers the option to order free product samples and features a section for user awareness.

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Digital advertising and SEO

At the launch of the online shop, we also set up Google Ads advertising, which we are constantly optimising and updating according to current analytics. We also carry out SEO optimisation on a monthly basis.

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Client testimonial

The Vodik team is composed of talented and capable individuals who assist us in establishing and maintaining our online digital presence. They have also designed an exceptional website for us. They are adaptable, open, and consistently meet our expectations, making collaboration with them a pleasure.

Gašper Novak
CEO, Blaginja
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