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Direct marketing

From idea to letterbox

Direct mail is one of the oldest forms of advertising that, even in the era of email and social media, can remain a relevant communication tool. As a leader in Slovenia, with over 100,000,000 printed materials annually through Pošta Slovenije and over 140,000,000 printed materials annually through our Croatian partner, we can ensure optimal pricing conditions.

To there and beyond

Successful projects are built on solid foundations


Our agency’s experienced experts are always available to advise you on the choice of suitable formats, appropriate content, and areas of coverage via post offices and postcodes on the distribution list.


Having a small and young team means that we can adapt rapidly to your needs and react in record time at key moments if necessary.


We have more than 30 years of experience in the design, preparation and implementation of print and distribution. Among other things, we were involved in the design of the first unaddressed catalogue in Slovenia.


Every step in the distribution process is thought out and planned ahead of time, so there is no room for error. Nothing is left to chance as we carry out regular quality control.

Distribution of magazine

Format, content and print

The design of direct mail has its own specifics and rules. When approached in the right way, it can produce amazing results. With a carefully considered choice of format, relevant content structure, attractive graphic design and professional execution, we will make sure your messages do not go unnoticed. For this, we rely on the knowledge and experience of our long-standing partners who specialise in different areas of print.

Direct marketing

To every letterbox in Slovenia and Croatia

We offer the distribution of unaddressed direct mail throughout Slovenia and Croatia. We give you the opportunity to reach households (600,000 in Slovenia and 1.5 million in Croatia) that do not have a No Junk Mail sticker, and also households with a No Junk Mail sticker in the case of informative, educational or humanitarian content. We advise you on distribution and printing, where we deliver the best results.

Unaddressed direct mail

Long-term cooperation and partner trust

Thanks to our long-term cooperation with partners in printed materials preparation, we can offer you better price terms for the same service. Our successful work and cooperation with the Post of Slovenia is evidenced by the fact that we distribute as many as 150 million leaflets with promotional content every year.

Our services and knowledge

Our experienced designers and long-standing external partners in printed material preparation are the right choice for direct mail advertising, providing a professional approach – from concept design to letterbox.
  • Concept design for a leaflet or catalogue
  • Content design
  • Design and prepress
  • Advice on printed materials
  • Printing of leaflets and other printed materials
  • Advice on distribution
  • Distribution of unaddressed direct mail in Slovenia and Croatia

Our direct mail distribution process


Determination of the distribution areas in Slovenia or Croatia


Direct mail concept and design


Announcement of the distribution date


Printing leaflets or catalogues


Delivering leaflets to the agreed distribution centre


Distribution of direct mail to households


Designing modern solutions for tomorrow’s challenges

Supernova: SuperStyle magazine

The client desired to launch a high-quality periodic "lifestyle" magazine showcasing offerings from Supernova Ljubljana shopping centres. We not only fulfilled but exceeded this request.

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Designing modern solutions for tomorrow’s challenges

Magazin design

Supernova: SuperStyle magazine

The client desired to launch a high-quality periodic "lifestyle" magazine showcasing offerings from Supernova Ljubljana shopping centres. We not only fulfilled but exceeded this request.

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Direct marketing - FAQ

Do you also provide custom design of flyers in addition to their printing and distribution?

We also offer high-quality custom design and copywriting of all printed materials intended for distribution.

How long before the distribution date should a client place the order?
How should our printer prepare the parcels for distribution?

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