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Clear, targeted and creative communication

We know from experience that effective communication can open many doors. To open as many of them as possible, it needs to be approached in a thoughtful, holistic and structured way. We’re here to help you identify challenges, develop compelling messages and choose the right communication channels for your target groups.

The sky is no limit

Successful projects are built on solid foundations


To get somewhere, you first need to know where you’re going. Before starting work, we find the key issues to tackle so that the project is a success.


We set meaningful, achievable and measurable goals at the project start together with the client, so that we can determine its success at the end.


An effective communication strategy needs a prior market, competition and target group analysis. Our research always has the proper scope and accuracy.


At each project stage, we strive to quantify the relevant data as much as possible, so that adjustments and improvements can be made in the long term.


A sound communication strategy is the key to success

Good implementation requires a good plan built on accurate baselines. Strategy planning thus starts with market research and analysis and continues with a clear definition of the objectives. We then take a bird’s eye view of the challenges and devise a strategy that answers all the key questions at the same time and provides a meaningful direction for the development of communication.

Communication campaigns

Only effective communication campaigns count

Too often, huge amounts of time, resources and energy are invested in the preparation of communication campaigns, but the implementation does not produce the desired results. To avoid this, the campaign needs to be aligned with the strategy, while a creative approach ensures that the target group not only notices it, but also understands it, and thus establishes a reciprocal relationship with the brand.

Communication campaigns

Your brand in the right hands

To communicate effectively, we need to understand all the key aspects of the brand we are managing. This is why we spend a lot of time getting to know our clients and the challenges they face before the project starts. This is the only way to design the right strategy and ensure the long-term success for your brand.

Communication campaigns

Let the public recognise your brand in all its glory

Communicating with the public requires a careful and tactful approach. We need to understand our audience, know the rules of effective communication and make sure we speak with the right brand voice at all times. Whether it involves product promotion, awareness-raising or crisis communication, we’ll make sure your messages don’t fall on deaf ears.

Our services and knowledge

Our many years of experience in developing leading brands enable us to provide, quickly and cost-effectively, a wide range of communication services that deliver results every time.
  • Market research and analysis
  • Communication strategy
  • Conceptualisation of creative communication campaigns
  • Execution of communication campaigns
  • Brand management and development
  • Public relations

Our process for executing a communication campaign


Kick-off meeting with the client


Analysis of the current situation and competition


Designing the communication strategy


Design of the creative concept


Implementation of solutions based on the media plan


Monitoring, evaluation and performance report


Designing modern solutions for tomorrow’s challenges

Žito: To the taste of the mind and the heart

Upon the launch of the new bread brand Drožnik, we devised a communication campaign emphasizing its advantages and positioning it as the most delicious option in the sourdough bread category.

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Designing modern solutions for tomorrow’s challenges


Žito: To the taste of the mind and the heart

Upon the launch of the new bread brand Drožnik, we devised a communication campaign emphasizing its advantages and positioning it as the most delicious option in the sourdough bread category.

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Lekarna Ljubljana: Redesigned baby dragon Malček

Baby dragon Malček is a long-standing brand of Lekarna Ljubljana, denoting products for our families’ youngest members. Our task was to refresh the image of the product line.

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Creative campaign LPP

LPP: I ride for you

How can we present the role of a bus driver to young people in a "cool" way, enhancing the job's reputation and attracting them as new colleagues? We answered this question with a creatively unconventional solution.

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Supporting our clients’ vision

I like that the agency always responds quickly and adapts to our needs.

Sanja Ivanović_Hartmann
Sanja Ivanović
Marketing Manager, Paul Hartmann Adriatic d.o.o.

We have many products that are intended for the slightly older generation, not the youngest, but that should not be a limitation, which is why we also went for greater communication with young people. Vodik made a lot of very useful suggestions here.

Robert Terčelj - Schweizer_farmedica
Robert Terčelj - Schweizer
CEO, Farmedica d.o.o.

Communication - FAQ

What is the experience and expertise level of your staff?

We are a medium-sized agency with a huge arsenal of experience and knowledge. The core of our in-house team consists of competent colleagues with extensive experience, each in their own field. This is also proven by the many guild awards they have received throughout their careers. They honed their skills in many major agencies, but fortunately for us, they realised that they can develop their creative potential to an even greater extent at Vodik. If a project requires extended interdisciplinary staff, our team will be enhanced with permanent external associates to form a team that is up to any challenge, however demanding it may be.

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