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Lekarna Ljubljana, the largest public pharmacy in Slovenia, ensures the supply of medicines, provides pharmacy services, advice and support. In addition, it offers nutritional supplements, medical devices and products for health protection and care. It carries out its activity in 54 pharmacies and branches.


Baby dragon Malček is a long-standing brand of Lekarna Ljubljana, denoting products for our families’ youngest members. Our task was to refresh the image of the product line.

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The redesigned image of the baby dragon Malček product line

We redesigned the popular baby dragon Malček and presented it in a new, cute way together with a renewed line of products for children. The Malček products are intended for the youngest and contain everything they need. We designed a comprehensive presentation of the renewed line and also designed a baby poncho, a cup, a plush toy, a towel, a mind games booklet, advertisements, posters and an online video demonstrating baby massage.

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A picture book

For the youngest, we also prepared a copyrighted children’s picture book “Zmajček Malček čofne v lužo” (Baby Dragon falls into a puddle), which features the adventures of baby dragon Malček and his friends.

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Calandar and Igrarije picture book

As part of the renovation, we also designed a calendar with images of baby dragon Malček. The calendar is updated every year with new adventures of baby dragon Malček.

Igrarije is an educational interactive picture book with various puzzles by baby dragon Malček that children have to solve. An imaginative didactic tool for improving a child’s cognitive abilities, which stimulates a child’s imagination through fun puzzles. The picture book was distributed to children in pharmacies.

Line updates

We constantly supplement the product line with new products and at the same time update its design. Of course, the main character, baby dragon Malček, remains the same, as he has become a very popular character among the youngest members of our families.

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