Digital advertising

Efficiency that delivers enviable results

Digital advertising is cost-effective, measurable and adaptable, while allowing you to address specific target groups with your messages. This means it can exceed your objectives without large investments and achieve amazing results – you can reach nearly three-quarters of Slovenians.

Know-how and experience

Successful projects are built on solid foundations


Before rolling up our sleeves, we think carefully about the challenges that we need to tackle to achieve the desired outcome. We start every project with a clear plan and vision.


We pay particular attention to setting targets that are realistic, measurable and meaningful. We do this by drawing on our many years of experience and taking into account the wishes and ambitions of the client.


Every project has two key stakeholders – the client and its customers. We make sure we dedicate the right amount of attention to both at every step, because that’s the only way to achieve outstanding results.


We never work “blind”, which is why all our proposals for communication solutions are measurable. This is the only way to check performance at every step and ensure continuous optimisation.

Digital advertising

Research and analysis are the foundation for a bold strategy

Any digital advertising strategy is only as good as the market analysis preceding it. Thorough research is the foundation on which all further communication activities are built. For this, we use the latest research, analysis and planning methods and tools.

Digital advertising

We help your advertisements reach the right target groups

Using digital advertising via Google Ads and Facebook Ads, your message can reach the right target groups in the right context and at the right time, achieving optimal results. We’ll help you choose the right advertisement format and identify the most relevant customers so that you reach your communication goals as quickly as possible and in a cost-effective way.

Digital advertising

Your social networks in the right hands

More and more people are using social networks as their main link to the world. They are a key source of news and relevant information and a place to communicate with family and friends. This means they are an ideal medium for creating strong and long-lasting links with target audiences and potential partners. Our approach to social media management is based on knowing the characteristics of the brand, establishing and maintaining genuine contact and tailoring the presence to the specifics of the social network.

Digital advertising

Content conveying your brand message

Online communication differs in many ways from traditional approaches to advertising. We need to know what content users will find relevant and interesting at any given moment, and deliver it in the clearest, most entertaining or most engaging way. Whether it is reaching out to followers on social networks or web users on browsers, you can rest assured that your message will not be overlooked in the flood of other information.

Our services and expertise

Our experts with years of experience will help you choose the most appropriate online channels and tools to achieve the best results with the least investment.
  • Research, analysis
  • Digital strategy
  • Social media management
  • Content design
  • Influencer marketing
  • Newsletter
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Reporting and optimisation

Our digital advertising process


Kick-off meeting with the client


Analysis of the current situation and competition


Determination of the digital communication channels


Establishment of measurement and advertising campaigns


Optimisation of the advertising campaigns and reporting


Designing modern solutions for tomorrow’s challenges

Farmedica: Effective digital advertising

We run advertising on Facebook for all the brands represented by Farmedica over a long period of time and optimise the ads through continuous impact testing.

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Designing modern solutions for tomorrow’s challenges

Digital advertisng_Vodik agency

Farmedica: Effective digital advertising

We run advertising on Facebook for all the brands represented by Farmedica over a long period of time and optimise the ads through continuous impact testing.

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Prenova spletne strani_Blaginja

Blaginja: Medical devices in one place

We conceptualized and developed a modern and user-friendly online store for the client, enabling the direct rental or purchase of medical equipment through an integrated application.

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E-commerce design

HARTMANN: Going further for health

We established an advanced digital sales channel, gaining a competitive edge and significantly boosting the Hartmann brand recognition in the Slovenian and Croatian markets.

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Supporting our clients’ vision

With strategic and clearly defined digital advertising, we see a trend of growth in sales.

Sanja Ivanović_Hartmann
Sanja Ivanović
Marketing Manager, Paul Hartmann Adriatic d.o.o.

They are also considering how to approach digital advertising and how we can actually take one step further.

Robert Terčelj - Schweizer_farmedica
Robert Terčelj - Schweizer
CEO, Farmedica d.o.o.
Frequently asked questions

Digital advertising - FAQ

How do you financially evaluate your services?

First, the setup of online advertising is conducted, which incurs fixed costs. Variable costs, on the other hand, are assessed based on the volume of ads, the complexity of the advertising campaign, and the client’s specific needs and objectives. These factors, which impact the financial aspects, are defined through the digital strategy. The strategy defines the timeline and conceptual plan, advertising channels, frequency, and methodology for measuring success. The costs also encompass monthly advertising optimization and reporting.

How do you substantiate your expertise in online advertising?
How do you determine which online channels are the most suitable for us?

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