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Website and online shop_Vodik

Hartmann is a company with more than 200 years of history and a rich tradition, whose core mission is reflected in the slogan “Going further for health” and that delivers on this commitment every day. It is known for its high-quality and traditional medical devices related to incontinence management, wound care, products for the protection of patients and others, disinfection and temperature and blood pressure control.


To establish a digital sales channel that is one step ahead of the competition and to increase the recognition of the Hartmann brand on the Slovenian and Croatian markets, while at the same time raising awareness of the importance of taking care of one’s health and how to improve the quality of one’s life through health-related content.

Website and online shop_Vodik

Online shop

Based on the analysis and research of key markets, we built a branched online shop structure, which was designed according to SEO optimisation guidelines.

We designed a user-friendly online shop for the Slovenian and Croatian markets, which allows easy and clear navigation using HARTMANN’S key pillars on both mobile devices and PCs.



The design concept is refined, minimalist and in line with the company’s corporate identity. One of our creative solutions for the website is an interactive display of categories on an image of the human body, where you can click on the body parts to select the categories and products you want.

Creating a mobile-friendly website
Weaving a web story

Additional functionalities and content

The advanced online shop also offers the possibility of ordering free samples of incontinence management products and an “Ask the Doctor” section where visitors can ask questions about incontinence, wound care, diagnostics, protective equipment, disinfection and Hartmann products.

To increase the recognition of the Hartmann brand among key target groups (individuals looking for health solutions and potential new business partners), we also created awareness-raising content and tips on health care and improving the quality of health.

Weaving a web story
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Visible and seen

Presence on social networks.

To strengthen the recognition and reputation of the Hartmann brand, we have also created a communication plan for social media posts for both markets.

Visible and seen

Online ads

An important part of the advertising strategy was the creation of a series of ads for each category (incontinence, wound care, diagnostics, disinfection, and protection) and media placement in print and digital media in Slovenia and online media in Croatia.

To increase brand recognition and interaction with key target groups in specific areas, we established online advertising campaigns through Google Ads and Facebook Ads, which strengthen awareness of the presence of the brand with a tradition in the Slovenian and Croatian markets.

Client testimonial

The interactive display of areas enables clearer and faster navigation through the online shop, while at the same time offering value-added content on how our customers can improve the quality of their health. We are happy that the team at the Vodik agency has used all its expertise and creativity to create an online shop that combines all the values ​​of the HARTMANN company.

Sandra Miladinovič
Marketing Department, HARTMANN Slovenia
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