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Farmedica focuses on medicinal products, OTCs and food supplements for self-medication. They advocate the introduction of effective herbal medicinal products that can also be used as primary therapy. Their objective is to provide good information on the effects and warnings when using herbal medicinal products, so that users can use them correctly and safely. They want to spread useful knowledge about self-medication with natural medicinal products and a healthy lifestyle.


To run advertising on Facebook for all the brands represented by the company over a long period of time and to optimise the ads through continuous impact testing.

We actively advertise on Facebook for Farmedica, where we produce effective ads for several manufacturers, including A.Vogel, Bionorica, Engelhard and Dr. Steinberger.

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Product advertising and testing methodology

To help us create and optimise ads, we use A/B testing methodology, where we test messages, ad formats, visualisations and target channels (by distributing educational and product ads), among other things. Version A focuses on the presentation of symptoms, where we provide useful information to help understand the user’s condition and link it to the product or solution, while Version B focuses on the product itself to convince users of its usefulness.

Educational content

When advertising on Facebook and Instagram, we also paid special attention to the educational content available on the website. The results were very encouraging, both in terms of cost per click and extended sessions, as well as the reduction in bounce rate compared to the website average. Social networks in general have proven to be an excellent channel for opening up taboo topics such as prostate problems. The content has generated a positive response and a debate that would not otherwise have been opened. The response to this content provided an opportunity to advertise the prostate test, which gives the user information about the state of his prostate through a questionnaire on the website, while the results help pharmacists to advise the visitor in the pharmacy.

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We tailor the next steps based on the data from each advertising campaign and allocate more resources to ads that are more in line with the set objectives and KPIs. We create new ads based on the most successful ones.

We also monitor key metrics such as bounce rate, session duration and others to analyse the effectiveness of the campaign and adjust it if necessary. Our ongoing challenge is how to successfully present problems (symptoms) and solutions through educational content via social networks. So far, we have been very successful.

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The advantage of cooperation with the Vodik agency is mainly in its quick adaptability and different way of thinking.

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Robert Terčelj - Schweizer
CEO, Farmedica
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