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For more than six decades, Žito’s breads have been a symbol of the Slovenian baking tradition, quality and diversity. In line with modern trends dictated by consumer awareness and the desire for a healthy lifestyle, Žito has developed a new sourdough bread, Drožnik, which has been rated the best sourdough bread in a consumer survey.


The creative design of the campaign’s main motif aimed to visually highlight the bread’s distinctive airy interior while showcasing the many advantages of Drožnik, a sourdough bread, compared to other sourdough breads.

digital advertising_Drožnik_Žito
Storytelling and incorporating

Main motif of the promotional campaign

When designing the main motif, inspiration was drawn from the fact that Drožnik is the best bread in every respect, because it has both rational and emotional attributes and therefore satisfies both those who buy with their minds and those who buy with their hearts. Thus, a sliced loaf of Drožnik was depicted as the two halves of the brain – the left, rational, and the right, emotional. Next to each of them, in the style of a diagram, the rational and the emotional reasons for buying a Drožnik bread were listed.

Storytelling and incorporating
Žito drožnik
The sky is no limit

Consumer survey

Drožnik is the best sourdough bread according to a consumer survey. This prestigious title was highlighted and supported by videos of consumers’ reactions when tasting Drožnik. From the rational to the emotional, because some buy (more) with their hearts and others with their minds, but Drožnik satisfies both. The story subtly incorporated images of the bread, supported by consumer comments, to highlight the physical characteristics of Drožnik.

The sky is no limit

Client testimonial

When the first project was completed, we all said – Wow, this is it! Vodik is a small team, but it has very explosive ideas.

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