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Alpsko mleko


Ljubljanske mlekarne, d. o. o.


creative design of the prize game, slogan, graphic design of POS material, creative design of the additional exposure

Communication on events

Ljubljanske mlekarne is the leading dairy company and the largest wholesaler of milk and dairy products in Slovenia. It has been following and creating trends in the dairy market throughout its history. Its success is demonstrated by cleverly designed and successful brands such as Alpsko mleko, Mu, Ego, Maxim premium and Jošt. The company is highly trusted by consumers in Slovenia, which is reflected in the fact that it has maintained a majority market share over a long period of time.


To prepare communications and a prize game for Ljubljanske mlekarne’s loyalty programme, as well as communications for the new Alpsko “Whole and Creamy” product line.

Campaign slogan

Prize game and campaign slogan

We clearly communicated the mechanics of the scheme with the slogan “Collect points for Alpine mugs”, targeted it directly at the consumer and thus involving them in the scheme. The creative design of the materials followed the concept of mugs in an alpine environment. The scheme was designed to encourage consumers to collect points from the Alpsko “Whole and Creamy” product line. For a certain number of collected points, they received a gift: a small mug, a tall mug or a bowl.


POS material and Alpine corners

We prepared the entire visual communication for the point of sale, including wobblers, dividers, floor stickers, a totem and the additional exposure in the form of Alpine corners. The gifts ran out before the end of the scheme. The “Collect points for Alpine mugs” scheme was a great success, as the mugs were sold out even before the scheme was over. We even had to order extra so that all the participants received them.

Client testimonial

“The Collect points for Alpine mugs campaign was very successful, since the mugs ran out before its conclusion. We even had to re-order them so that all the participants could receive them.

Alenka Bernetič
Head of Trade Marketing at Ljubljanske mlekarne
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