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Ljubljanski potniški promet, d. o. o.


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Creative campaign_Vodik

Ljubljanski potniški promet d.o.o. provides safe, reliable and uninterrupted public transport throughout the City of Ljubljana and its 16 suburban municipalities.

The company’s goal is to make the bus the best alternative to the car, thus removing cars from urban environments and ensuring a healthy environment for future generations and efficient mobility.


LPP primarily wanted to present the idea of bus driving as a career to young people in a “cool” way, thereby improving the reputation of the career itself and also attracting them as potential co-workers. To achieve this, we came up with a creative concept with a slight difference.

Slogan and communication

For the campaign, we also created the slogan “I ride for you”, as well as the creative materials for communication on social networks and bus screens.

Promotional video

We made the video with actor Goran Hrvaćanin starring as Boštjan, the bus driver. Who could be better suited for this role than Goran? In the eyes of young people, he is a real “badass” as he is the creator of many humorous video hits, including the feature film Pr’ Hostar. Even in his role as a bus driver, he remained true to himself and brought his humour to the set, which was heavily utilised in the video! He presented what the job offers, its benefits and why being a bus driver is a “cool” job.

The video received a great deal of positive feedback on social networks. The project was a great success, as LPP attracted more co-workers than it expected.

Client testimonial

The video received a lot of positive responses on social networks. We were more than satisfied with the entire project, as we attracted a larger number of co-workers than we expected. A huge thank you for the entire project goes to the Vodik agency, which provided creative solutions and helped in the implementation of the project.

Mojca Mohar
Public relations specialist, LPP
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