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MobilPlac: The venue makes the event



MobilPlac – Najem šotorov KBG, d. o. o.


MobilPlac brand positioning slogan, logo redesign, website design and development


Corporate identity redesign_Vodik

MobilPlac – Najem šotorov KBG d.o.o. is a company that has been offering event, wedding and storage tent rentals for various purposes since 1988. The company is successfully expanding and is committed to quality cooperation and customer satisfaction. With an innovative and dedicated team, they find complete solutions for every project.


To create a modern and functional logo that reflects the company’s area of activity and values. To create a tagline that emphasises the company’s professionalism, philosophy and benefits for the user, and to establish a digital channel that is one step ahead of the competition.

Corporate identity redesign_Vodik

Corporate identity redesign

The first step in the redesign was a stylistic refresh of the logo. It consists of a symbol and lettering. The symbol was inspired by the shape of a tent roof and forms the letter M. It also evokes the company’s business and the initials of the MobilPlac name. The lettering uses custom typography, which contributes to uniqueness and greater recognition.

Positioning slogan_Vodik
Visible and seen

Positioning slogan

We added the positioning slogan “PROSTOR NAREDI DOGODEK” (“THE VENUE MAKES THE EVENT”), which emphasises the company’s philosophy and the benefit to the users – a first-class venue makes a first-class event experience. The positioning slogan appears as the tagline of the logo.

The intermingling of the chosen primary combination creates a new dimension of orange that psychologically stimulates a pleasant, creative, fun and invigorating atmosphere.

Visible and seen
Website redesign_Vodik
Weaving a web story

Website redesign

The website is an essential first point of contact for a company with potential new customers and is an important part of service development. At the same time, the company uses it to address key target audiences. The website visitor gains a sense and idea of the various events, resulting in a more structured enquiry.

Based on the analysis and research of key markets, we built a branched website structure, which was designed according to SEO optimisation guidelines.

We designed a user-friendly website that allows easy and clear navigation through MobilPlac’s key categories on both mobile devices and PCs.

Weaving a web story
Website redesign_Vodik

Client testimonial

The Vodik agency took into account our every wish, and the final implementation of the website and overall image exceeded our expectations. Every day we get compliments from customers for our beautiful, clear website.

Luka Brodnik
CEO, MobilPlac, KBG d.o.o.
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