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socially responsible campaign, media relations, events for children, activities in schools, kindergartens and other places where we can address children

Communication on events

Javni holding Ljubljana combines and strategically manages five public corporations operating within the City of Ljubljana. Sustainability, awareness-raising and responsible behaviour towards natural resources are the basic guiding principles of the holding and the associated public corporations in all decision-making. Environmental friendliness is the common denominator of all services and projects managed by the public corporations.


To design a socially responsible project that encourages behaviour and practices that lead to sustainable social and environmental responsibility in individuals (especially younger ones). The project concept should also allow for the introduction of a mascot to act as an ambassador for the campaigns within the continuous project.

Vezalkarji – ambassadors of the project


With the words “Vezalka si” (“You’re also a shoelace”), the shoelace characters are calling on each of us to be part of a movement where individuals help make a big difference through small, everyday and positive actions. These range from separating waste to using energy sources wisely, from drinking tap water to reusing used items, and from respecting each other to using environmentally friendly transport.

Each character represents one of the public corporations. Cofi (Energetika services) explains why we should not waste heat unnecessarily, while Hubert (Snaga services), who knows how to separate the good from the bad, explains that not everything belongs in the trash, as they can be put to good use in other ways. Vojka (VO-KA services), who knows everything about water, urges us to take good care of our natural water resources. Urbi (LPP services) always helps us get to our destination and advocates the benefits of public transport. The whole group is brought together by the determined Holdi (JHL services), who is a true friend of the environment, ensuring friendly relations and connection among the Vezalkarji and all of us.

Leave responsible footprints

Educational video “Change starts with the youngest”

It is the combined effect of environmentally-oriented actions that delivers significant results, because we are even stronger when we are linked together to ensure social and environmental responsibility. To achieve lasting changes in these habits, it is easiest to start with the youngest. The nice video with the Vezalkarji, a band of animated shoes, speaks to them. Each Vezalkar guides children towards responsible actions in the areas in which the Javni holding Ljubljana companies operate.

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