Events & PR

»Organizing an event is just the beginning,
it also needs to resound in media.«

Companies organize events for various causes – promotion of their brands, highlighting their sponsors, as a »thank you« to their partners or simply to give something back to their employees.


With a well-organized and resounding event, they show a certain amount of credibility and strengthen their reputation in the circle of their stakeholders.

Every company uses their resources in order to organize an event, let it be in form of their employees using their precious time, doing something they aren’t primarily experts in. Or using money, which in case of not knowing the media space could go into useless activities.

At Vodik,we have long term experiences in the field of event organization, that’s why we know exactly what’s important to focus on in Slovenian media space. Our team takes care of the organization, primarily focusing on a unique creative design, where we, accordingly to the budget, make the event a unique and unforgettable experience. We offer a complete service – from an idea all the way to flawless execution – which is seen in our references and years of experience.


»It all starts with an idea, a story we drive from creative design, flawless execution all the way to public relations.«


We also take care of appropriate media relations and give your story the wings to relevant publications, either online or printed.

Let your event continue living even after the official end, let your story resound and allow good voice to spread. Our PR experts will take care of all your wishes and together we can write the right story for the right people.