Creative solutions

If you wish to stand out in the flood of messages and become visible to those you want to notice you, unique and creative solutions are indispensable. In addition to a better recognition of your business or brand, your creative solutions also state that you follow the guidelines, keep in step with the times and build your company’s reputation.

Everything starts with an idea …

Behind fascinating advertising stories, there is always a team of creative people and hours of hard work. When searching for ideas and inspiration, we always strive to go where no one else has ever been. Our goal is to always create added value in the form of a unique idea that has not been seen before, representing an advertising surplus.

Good creative solutions come from teamwork

In creative design, we do not limit ourselves to creative and non-creative people. Each member of Vodik team contributes in their own way, from the text writers and designers to the project managers and digital advertisers. Our creative motto is that no idea is a bad idea.

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How do we bring a creative solution from idea to execution?



Before we begin, we always learn about your product or service, your target group and the current trends. Then, we review competitive solutions and look for a path that has not yet been taken. Appropriately asked questions at the beginning are the basis for a clear vision, strategy, values ​​and goals of a creative campaign.


Based on facts, information and research, we prepare a creative strategy with the message, tone of communication, position statement and envisaged channels for the implementation of creative solutions.


After hours of brainstorming and a few sleepless nights, we select the top ideas that we believe will have the strongest impact. We prepare some basic sketches, visual designs and define the design guidelines before choosing the final concept with you.


Coordination of our concepts with your wishes and vision is followed by the execution of the project. This is the part of the job that connects every atom within the agency, from designers and text writers to project managers, market researchers and advertisers.


Upon successful completion of the project, we also provide further brand activities, in accordance with the planned creative strategy.

Mary Lou Cook

»Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.«

Albert Einstein

»Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought.«

Why is creativity the most important virtue?

When you hear the word “creativity”, you surely first think of artists, designers or musicians. However, being creative is not just a matter of art. Being creative means looking at things from different angles to solve problems in a unique way. Creativity is imperative in everyday life, and even more so in the world of business. Here’s the good news: creativity is an ability you can practice.

Why choose our creative agency?


By preparing creative concepts for domestic and foreign clients, we have gained valuable experience and knowledge that will help your campaign stand out from the crowd.


One agency that covers various channels of your creative solution, from TV, radio and digital advertising to media space lease, print ads, etc. We can provide it all.


Young people have crazy ideas and the old ones have experience. By combining these two extremes, our creative team always finds the right balance of creativity and always strives for uniqueness.


Feel the spring in the air
Feel the spring in the air
22 September, 2019 in  CREATIVE SOLUTIONS
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In the heart of Slovenian mountains
22 September, 2019 in  CREATIVE SOLUTIONS
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Alpine mugs for everyone
22 September, 2019 in  CREATIVE SOLUTIONS

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